What are the advantages of NasalCare nasal irrigation system?


NasalCare nasal irrigation system has many significant advantages over the other squeeze bottles in the market, but the most and foremost significant of all are 1) two-valve and anti-backwash irrigator and 2) use of health beneficial mineral rich sea salt, aloe and citric buffer system. Unlike other similar products, NasalCare nasal irrigator contains a pair of one-way valves, a liquid valve and an air valve, and the two valves working together prevents any liquid returning into the irrigator after each squeeze. Backflow may pose a potentially serious health risk for the users as it can cause contamination and re-infection.

Sea salt contains many other health beneficial minerals or trace elements besides sodium, sea salt is better for mucus membranes and cilia, with aloe and citric buffering system, the solution may also have indirect anti-bacterial fungal, viral and inflammatory effects. Therefore, NasalCare nasal rinse mix is better for the nasal and sinus membranes and is more effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and inflammation.


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