What's wrong with Nasal Irrigation the old way - Neti


"If Neti is so good", you might ask, "why isn't everybody practicing it?"

It is because Neti is difficult to perform. It takes practice to do it well and it is unpleasant. Sometimes it is necessary to learn it from a yoga instructor.

There is risk to spread infection to the middle ear because of the head position and un-controlled rinse pressure.

As shown in the picture on the left, Neti pot is simply a container that people use to fill with salt water. You have to turn your head in certain way for the salt water to flow into your nose. You can't keep your head upright, which is the best position to prevent water going into middle ear. And you can't control the water pressure.

Besides, Neti uses salty water which you have prepare by yourself and if not done well the experience could be unpleasant.

NasalCare is a revolutionary step forward from the original Neti nasal irrigation method. Every detail of the cleaning process has been carefully studied in order to come up with a product that is easy and comfortable to use.


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