Ancient Tradition of Sinus Irrigation


Nose cleaning or sinus irrigation is not new. This technique is called "Jala Neti" in yoga world and has been passed on for thousands of years by the yogis for both physical as well as deeper spiritual benefits.

Yogis believe sinus irrigation can bring practitioner the following benefits

·Removes all the dirt and bacteria filled mucus from within the nose

·Helps to drain the sinus cavities. This, in turn, help to reprogram the body's natural mechanisms against nasal infections such as hayfever, allergies, sinusitis and other upper respiratory complaints like sore throats and coughs, post nasal drip, inflammation of tonsils and adenoids.

·It is of great benefit for problems associated with the eyes. It helps flush the tear ducts, encouraging better vision and gives a sparkle to the eyes.

·Improves sensitivity of the olfactory nerves, helping to restore lost sense of smell, and thereby benefits the relationship with taste and digestive processes.

·It has subtle effects on the pineal and pituitary glands which control the hormonal system. This has a harmonizing effect on emotional behaviors.

·It has a cooling and soothing effect on the brain by drawing out excessive heat, and is therefore beneficial for headaches, migraine, epilepsy, temper tantrums, hysteria, depression and general mental tension.

·Affects the psychic centre known as Ajna Chakra which helps in awakening higher states of meditation.

·It helps to stimulate better powers of visualization and concentration and gives a feeling of lightness and clarity to the mind.

·It is excellent for those trying to give up smoking. Since it reduces the tendency for mouth breathing. It re-sensitises the nose to the actual pollution of ingesting smoke, thereby de-programming the brain of the physical and psychological addiction.


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