"The first time I used NasalCare, my nose felt different."


"I have been using the NasalCare nasal rinse for a month, and find the product to be very helpful. Before NasalCare, I used another popular nasal rinse that I thought was helping my sinus condition, but discovered that it was not as helpful as NasalCare.

"In the past year, I have been plagued and diagnosed with Chronic Sinus Infection. I have been on numerous antibiotics, (at least six different ones), and had surgery a year ago for the condition. Even after the surgery and using the other nasal rinse, I repeatedly was given antibiotics for my recurring sinus infections.

"The first time I used NasalCare, my nose felt different. I could even hear a difference in my voice; I didn't sound as nasal as I had sounded over the past year! While my condition has not completely cleared, it is markedly better by using NasalCare. I will continue to use this product to help prevent further infections."

Melanie Seaman, Ewing, New Jersey

the original fax this customer sent us 
(Signature intentionally blurred to protect customer privacy.)


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