How does NasalCare work?


NasalCare is a specially designed medical device which washes the nose and sinuses with a drug-free natural solution. Studies have proven that nasal irrigation is a valuable and effective treatment for various sinus and nasal diseases.

The NasalCare kit contains a nasal irrigator and 30 packets of nasal rinse mix.

The Patented, unique nasal irrigator is composed of a bottle pump with a pair of one-way air valve and one-way liquid valve. The one-way liquid valve permits the fluid to flow only from the liquid transfer tube into the nostril but not back to the bottle, preventing contamination of the solution and bottle. The one-way air valve allows air to flow into the bottle to prevent negative pressure in the bottle which allows continue nasal irrigation. The flow speed of the liquid is easily controlled by the user's hand.

All those futures together create continual solution flow along the nasal floor and cleanse nasal and sinus passages more effectively, user-friendly, comfortably, and simpler than using neti pots or other nasal rinse products. Moreover, it easily opens up congested sinuses by drawing out mucus and debris. It is so easy to use that even 4 year old children can use it.

The patented, unique nasal rinse mix is much better than regular saline. It is scientifically formulated with special sea salt, sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate and aloe vera extract. Each packet makes one bottle of washing solution (8 oz).

This unique solution not only ensures maximum comfort during the washing process but also provides anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammational activities as well as a very pleasant, soothing, moistening, and fresh sensation. It does not cause any stinging or burning like most of other products do. The system makes the nasal irrigation simple, easy, neat, comfortable, and relaxing. It is so safe that even pregnant women can use it.

Nasal irrigation was recommended for the treatment of nasal diseases at the American Academy of Family Physicians' Scientific Assembly in 2004.



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