Paula N., Brewton, Alabama

My name is Paula, and I have Wegeners granulomatosis. It is an auto-immune disorder, and also classified as a vasculitis, which means inflammation of the blood vessels. This disorder has affected my sinuses in particular. I have had multiple sinus surgeries and nasal polypectomies. This disorder has caused me to have nasal crusting to the point that my ENT could not see through my nasal passages, without cleaning my nose, prior to an examination. I was on the internet one day, and I came across NasalCare Sinus Rinse Kit. I read the articles and the testimonies, and I was impressed. When I first tried the product, my sinuses felt so clean and soothed. My sinuses have felt a lot better since I have been using the product on 2/9/07. Wegeners also has affected my tear ducts, and caused my eyes to water and run constantly. My tearing has decreased dramatically since starting your product. I can't believe the results that I have gotten from your product. it was really a GOD send. I would recommend this product to anyone with allergies, or sinus problems. NasalCare sinus kit has helped tremendously with mine



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